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The European Pilates Association (EPA)


It was founded in 2006 by Amari Rabinovitch of London and Canada who specialised in Yoga and Pilates with extensive international teaching experience.


The European Pilates Association (EPA) was created with the intention of ensuring high quality Pilates teaching. Its purpose is to ensure the adequacy of the lessons students receive during their Pilates Instructor Training Courses .


Yoga Center Pilates creates a perfect combination of two discipline , coming together with one goal: Toning, stretching and strengthening, accompanied by consciousness, breathing and relaxation .


He cares about the disclosure of Yoga Center Pilates from a broad and clear perspective, as the lessons themselves require .


EPA is a pioneer in shaping the style of Pilates and Yoga. Yoga Center Madrid has an internationally recognised  training scheme and association.


Professional criteria


E.P.A. is responsible for communicating and maintaining the professional standards to be  followed  in terms of content and teaching in Yoga Center Pilates trainings.




E.P.A. awarded certificates and diplomas for Yoga Center Pilates instructors .