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Yoga Center Pilates  offers: training, practice and development .


Educational quality.


High educational standards.


Integrity , respect and profound knowledge.


Very high training standards.


Beam quality standards at the level of teaching


Exercises that promote a healthy posture


Pilates is an exercise system that promote a healthy, natural alignment and central control. Great for muscle balance , to find and work the smaller muscles of the body. This helps in stretching and releasing muscles used to create a body flexible and strong .


” Moving from the core ‘


Emphasis is on ” moving from the core ” through the deep stabilizing pelvic floor and multifidus full (deep muscles of the lower back) abdominal wall This links the body and allows it to ergonomically and cohesive .


Pilates is a fitness discipline


Created originally in a personalized way , and looking for work tailored to each individual to improve their physical qualities while mind. The concept of this method includes , as Joseph Pilates, ” body, mind and spirit ”


There are some basic principles established by Joseph Pilates that reflect the common guidelines of this method , since the variety and few written references make each school has different terms and concepts when running the sessions.


The basic principles of this method are that create the uniqueness of this practice. We can say that this type of training is to improve personal hygiene among other physical and especially emphasise body alignment issues.

  • Body alignment:  This aspect of the method is possible to add it as one of the basic principles. We can conceive of the body as a  whole , moves and activated synchronously and everything is connected with each other , affecting portions of other , helping each other .
  • Breath: Breathing is coordinated with movement, each movement has a breath. ” As if breathing was music and dance                movement , we create a choreography between exercise and breathing .”
  • Core :  Core  refers to specific areas of our body, it is also called , “Core ” “Power house” ” Central Core ” .
  • Concentration: The concentration is what guides us in monitoring the exercise and optimal execution of movement .
  • Control: During control exercise premium quality and not the quantity of exercises carried out .
  • Movement and fluidity. In practice seeks elegance in movement and controlled fluidity.
  • Precision . With the precision we want the quality of the exercise remains steeped in neuromuscular memory and becomes a habit .